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How would you like to earn money from anywhere in the world?

Make money while you sleep. Make money while hanging with your friends and family. Become an affiliate for Proganiq and do just that. Earn high paying sales commissions from selling Proganiq products.

The Proganiq affiliate program is ultimately a business in a box. Why bear the expense of opening, running and operating a startup, when you have Proganiq that you can access at no cost to you, and make nearly the same amount as if it were your very own company?

What is a Proganiq affiliate?

A Proganiq affiliate is a person that represents Proganiq as a sales associate. The only thing our affiliates do is sell Proganiq products. Yes, it really is that simple! Our affiliates sell our products and we handle the rest. No inventory for our affiliates to buy and stock. Our backend web portal processes payments, emails the customers on your behalf, fulfills the orders, and ships it directly to your customers. All while you kick back and watch your earnings hit your bank account. What is there to lose? Our team will not let you fail. We are by your side every step of the way. Join our team today with no obligation ever and quit at any time.

How does Sign-Up work?

Once you have signed up, you will be emailed a link to your very own Proganiq dashboard. From your dashboard you can manage your account, track your sales and commissions and access resources that you typically would not have access to. We have marketing content for you to use inside of your dashboard. These are available to you for free. We will never charge any fees for being a Proganiq affiliate.

Lets do this, where do I Sign-Up?

You can click here to Sign-Up to Become an Affiliate or you may email us at

Do you offer products at a discounted rate that I can purchase to use for marketing?


We have offer the Proganiq "Affiliate Starter Kit". This includes a Men's, Women's & Children's multivitamin to help you utilize as a tool to market, brand and grow your business. Your very own dashboard so you can log in and monitor your sales, commissions, recruits, and bonuses. You also gain access to training resources that will help you excel within the company, as well as becoming a member of a largely growing network of likeminded individuals who aspire to become successful just like yourself. This is optional, you do not need to purchase this to become an affiliate for Proganiq. The cost for this is $55.00 with free shipping. Click here to Purchase the Affiliate Starter Kit.

How much percentage will I earn from each sale?


This is very simple and straight forward. Everyone that signs up to our affiliate program will get earn 20% from every sale they make. Keep in mind that you must use your Proganiq affiliate link that is provided to you on signup, so that we may track all of your sales. If you do not use your provided Proganiq affiliate link, there is no way for us to track your sales and we will not be able to credit your account sales earned commission. Please keep this in mind when prospecting.

Affiliate Payout

Affiliates will receive 20% commission on all sales. This is a great way to build revenue without any startup costs. Also, all affiliates will receive 10% off all Proganiq products. This is very simple and to the point. The more you sale, the more you make. Its really that easy. 

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please email us at:  


I am already an affiliate, how do I access my affiliate dashboard? 


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