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    Aids explosive energy - Supports strength gains - Assists muscular pumps

A great tasting Fruit Punch flavored pre-workout. Proformance isn't measured by the rush it provides but measured by the results it delivers. Our ingredients will make you feel limitless every time you get dressed for your workout, so you can set records in the weight room, run farther than before, and level up your performance on the playing field.

Rethink What You Know About Caffeine

The best way to get more out of caffeine is to use less of it. Too much caffeine can burn out your caffeine receptors and make you immune to its benefits. We use the exact amount of caffeine that prevents burnout and helps you fight off mental fatigue. And we add the perfect dose of the amino acid theanine so you don't experience any jitters or crash.

  • Proformance Pre-Workout will give you a constant stream of energy for up to 6 hours. But, you’ll feel most powerful within 30-45 minutes after taking Proformance.
  • We recommend mixing 1 scoop of Proformance Pre-Workout with 8-12 ounces of water.



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