Vitamins and Supplements Subscription

Vitamins and supplements are not one size fits all. Each of us has different nutrient needs and this is where Proganiq's Profit Packs are beneficial. 

Proganiq's Profit Packs are customized vitamins and supplements based on your specific needs. You pick the vitamins and supplements that best suit your health and wellness needs and we deliver them to your door on a recurring basis of your choosing. You will never have to drive to the store again and waste precious time on buying vitamins and supplements that you can get through Proganiq's Profit Pack subscriptions. 

You pick the vitamins and supplements that you would like delivered to you on a recurring basis and we send them directly to you. 

Our team of scientists, physicians, and nutritionists stand behind our quality ingredients, rigorous testing, and best in class manufacturing.

Vitamins and Supplements monthly to your door.

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