About Us

Proganiq is a supplier and distributor of vitamins and supplements that specializes in providing the public with general health and wellness products to help them maintain a fit, active and healthy lifestyle without putting additives or fillers into their body. Proganiq is manufactured, bottled, sealed and labeled in an FDA registered and compliant facility. All Proganiq products meet the strict and tedious guidelines set forth by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This includes Supplemental Nutrition Panel and Labeling. Through our FDA registered facility, we adhere to GMP compliance and all pertinent FDA regulatory requirements. These critical manufacturing processes are performed with a faithful commitment to highest quality and cleanliness. Each of our products are rigorously lab tested by a third party for any impurities, this ensures that we are giving our customers only the highest of quality vitamins and supplements.

Proganiq is a small privately owned company, that takes pride in our products. We stand behind the FDA's quality control policy. We also believe that our customers should be happy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, feel free to return your original unused product for a complete refund. No questions asked.  


What is Proganiq?

Proganiq is a complete vitamin and supplements product line that offers an optimum way of maintaining your health. Our products have been formulated around the flaws of large corporate supplement manufacturers and have been designed to give your body only the essential nutrients that it needs to remain active & well. 

Proganiq prides itself on the Proganiq Detox. This is a mixture of plant-based powders that consist of fruits, vegetables, herbs and vitamins. These foods aid in strengthening your immune system, ridding your body of parasites, toxins and chemicals all while helping the body heal naturally. There's more to being healthy than just a strict exercise regimen or simply eating a healthy diet. Taking all-natural herbal supplements that are food for the mind and body, help supply added nutrition and assist in detoxifying and purifying the bodies major organs and cleanse the blood from impurities

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